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About Us Workers' compensation coverage with the savings and service you deserve.

Victory was founded and licensed in 2005. Victory is Montana’s only incorporated, private Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier and business.

Montana employers, you now have a preferred insurance choice and a great opportunity for premium savings. Expect customized services and professional return-to-work claims management success.

Why Victory is right for your business:

  • Founded in Montana! JUST LIKE YOU, we’re a Montana business
  • Personalized safety plans
  • Same day superior service
  • Call Victory and a team member answers the phone
  • Victory returns employees to work and closes claims 300% faster than other Montana providers
  • Experienced safety consultants dedicated to your employee’s health and safety
  • Coordinated workers compensation services so you work with one company – Victory team and your team from start to finish
  • Quality, professional, and personalized policy services at all times
  • Proven service and reliability

Every year, Victory outperforms many industry expectations to bring you the best service and save you money.